How To Solve N-power Assessment Test Portal Error Message – See how to login

2017 Npower Assessment Test Result

N-power Assessment Test Portal Error Message – we have noticed that most of the N-Power applicants who applied for the 2017 N-Power volunteers corps program are really finding it difficult to login to the assessment test portal. See how to login below

If you are among this applicants or you know anyone who is facing same issue, don’t panic this article is for you.

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Here is an article which is going to guide you on the right step to take when you cannot login or access the N-Power assessment test portal.

After inputting your details and attempt to login, you might be welcomed with the annoying error message; Invalid login, please try again

When you see this annoying error message, don’t panic, don’t freak out. Just try to do what is right.

The question now is, what could be the cause of the N-Power assessment test, Invalid login, please try again, error message?

There are mainly three possible reasons for this error messages which we have listed below:

  1. You are not qualified for the test, after your BVN details didn’t match with registration details via
  2. You are yet to receive a Test Invitation email from N-Power.
  3. You are getting your login details wrong
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With this listed, which of the above possible reasons do you think might be particular to your case?

How To Solve N-power Assessment Test Portal Error Message

  1. If you are seeing this error message because you failed to input your correct info during the registration process, I fear you might not be able to write this test at all.
  2. If you are yet to receive an SMS from N-Power, then you should wait for the message.
  3. If you have received the SMS and still finding it inpossible to login, then you should cross check your login details.

And also NOTE the following

  1. The test dates serve as a guide

  2. No test category has been closed

  3. No applicant will write the test or be rejected without BVN validation