Steps on How to Change your Twitter Display Name and Username


Changing of names on social networks is no longer a new thing. We can easily change our names on social networks without any hassle. There are reasons why we would decide to change our names. But here in this tutorial, i will be guiding you on how to change your Twitter display name and username (handle).

Before i continue, let me paraphrase more between Twitter display name and username. The display name and the Twitter handle are two different things. The display name is the one that appears above the username, and to the left of your username in the Twitter feed. Your username, on the other hand, is the name that appears in your profile URL. Your username comes with a “@” sign. You might want to change either of the two names, or both of them. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change your Twitter name:


  1. First, log in to your Twitter account using either the mobile app or any browser of your choice.
  2. Click on your profile image, or the gear icon if you can’t see a profile image. Then, click on Settings.
  3. The next screen should be the Account screen, but if it doesn’t come up immediately you can tap on the Account option on the left side of your screen to bring it up.
  4. On the Account screen, there’s a text box to the right of Username. Type in your desired username there. Twitter will tell you if your username is available. If it is not, you can choose another username.
  5. Now, remember that your Twitter username needs to be 15 characters or less. Also, you can only use alphanumerical characters on your username. When you are done selecting a username, click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page and enter your account password when prompted.
  6. That’s all about that.


  • Log in to your Twitter account either the mobile app or any browser of your choice.
  • Click on your profile icon or the gear icon, then select View Profile.
  • Next, click on Edit Profile. This should be on the right side of your screen. When you click on it, everything else on the screen should fade and your profile details on the left side of the screen would he highlighted.
  • Type in your desired username in the text field below the profile picture. Note that it should not be more than 20 characters.
  • When finished, click on Save Changes a the bottom of the page.
  • That’s all friends.

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